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Sky Tubes can make a huge difference in the world of living, turning
a small stuffy dim room and instantly bringing in the natural light
from outside and then letting you feel the space and freedom you never

They save you money by keeping off the lights normally used and in affect turn on the sun.

light lifts peoples spirits, makes small spaces appear larger, and just
shows our home  in its true colour. Beyond It also reduces eyestrain,
increases our productivity, reduces electrical demand and cost.

Unfortunately, today’s buildings rarely have enough natural light.

very good alternative to standard skylights and not as expensive are
tubular sky tubes. Sky tubes can provide enough daylight for a whole
room and are ideal for en-suites. Amazingly on a clear night with a
bright moon, the moonlight can help lighten a room, garage or workshop.

Many tubular skylights are very similar in design. Usually a small
tube between 8” and 22” in diameter runs from a replaced tile  in the
roof down to the rooms ceiling below. The interior surface of the tube
is very shiny and reflective.

It really doesn’t lose much
light from length of the tube as the light bounces around in the tube
while travelling from roof to room diffuser. The dome on the roof is
usually a plastic self cleaning fitting.

The ceiling part of the tube is covered by usually a frosted looking diffuser, so it really looks like a normal ceiling light.  

A list of company and product names:


Sun Dome

The Daylite Tube

Sun Pipe

Sun Tek

Tru Lite

ODL Tubular Skylights

Sun Tunnel–VELUX® Skylights

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Dark halls and en-suites for new homes

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I do think every new home that has a hall way or en-suite should have a sky tube or sun tunnel as a standard feature.

This will be such a long term investment and great selling feature for homes.

Builders can dress them up how ever they want.

  • Sky dome
  • Sky tube
  • Sky tunnel
  • Sky light

How ever they do it it will be good news for dark unlit halls and save money for lighting in en-suites.

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Lighter nights means more light into your home.

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As nights get lighter it gives you a great excuse to but a Sky Tube/tunnel as it will give you longer hours with light from your device.

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Sky tubes to brighten dark dimly lit hall ways

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Summer should be here but is struggling to show. People with hall ways or small rooms with no windows will be glad of any extra light.

Sun Tunnels / Sky tubes are idea fixes for this problem and the running costs are zero.

They work so well you’ll be surprised of how much sun light actually beams down through the roof fitted device.

Cut fuel bills and help reduce your carbon foot print.

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Sky tunnels/tubes can help with SAD (seasonal disorders)

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Though the dangers of sun exposure–like skin cancer and blindness–should still be taken into consideration, sunlight is still a part of a healthy lifestyle and to have natural light in your home is a good thing.

Natural sunlight can reduce the effects of SAD, or seasonal affective disorder—( seasonal depression). Doctors have suggested taking walks daily for people who suffer from this disorder, even when the sky is overcast. This has shown to help improve seasonal depression even more than the use of sunlamps. So having sky tubes installed must only be a huge benefit.

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Velux sun pipe – Room light tunnel – Sky domes for natural sunlight

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Sun light makes people happy, you have all heard of SAD (
Seasonal affective disorder)  so lack of natural light effects us all in more or less the same way.

In the winter months dark days and short daylight days will reduce light into the home even more, so a sky tube would be ideal to use what light their is to your advantage.

Seasonal mood swings are believed to be related to light. SAD can be a serious disorder and may require treatment. There is also potential risk of depression leading to suicide in some patients experiencing SAD. So lighten your home as much as possible and beat the dark times in your home.

velux sun pipe

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Do you want to brighten up those windowless corridors, stairwells and bathrooms with an amazing Sun Tunnel well now you can.

Skillfully installed by our team of tradesmen between your roof and ceiling it floods any area with natural sun light and is virtually maintenance free.

Sky tube in corridor


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Brighten a dark room with a Sky Light, Sky Tube, Sky Tunnel

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This shows how a dark windowless room usually a en-suite bathroom can be transformed into a bright, light room installed a sky tube (like a sky light but you can’t look out to see ). It is so very bright in there well worth getting 1 fitted! You don’t need a light on in the daytime at all. It just glows.

Contact us about getting one fitted into your roof and let light flood into your rooms. CONTACT US

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Sky Tunnel – Sola Skylight’s Sky Tunnel utilises the highly reflective material

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There’s a system called Sola Skylight’s Sky Tunnel, and claim to be the easiest, most affordable way to add elegance, style and value to your property.

They say they are the pioneers in the innovation of the skylight market, with all their easy-to-install products they are amongst the largest, lightest, and most manageable available today.

The Sky Tunnel’s design utilises the highly reflective material to reflect natural light without damaging the aesthetic quality of a house or other building. The design has a highly reflective inner surface that captures natural sunlight from all different angles and sends it into your rooms below, resulting in the room being flooded in beautiful natural light.

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Sky Tubes who make them? Lets put some light on to it

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Atlite Products include:


– Distinctive Circular Skylights


– Distinctive Pyramidal
..shaped Skylights
.DAYLITER – Polycarbonate Skylights .POLYLITE – Polycarbonate Domed
.DOMELITE – High Impact Acrylic Skylights .TUBELITE – Superior light transmission
.ECONOLITE – Acrylic Domed Skylights .SKY TUBE – Maximises light
.ENVIROLITE – Double or single glazed Glass
.SKY WINDOW – Top hung and Dual action windows
– Minimises summer heat and
..maximises winter sunlight
.TUNNEL-LITE – Self cleaning, multiple or
..single units, vented or
..non vented

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