Velux sun pipe – Room light tunnel – Sky domes for natural sunlight

Posted on 05. Dec, 2007 by in Dark Bath Room, Dark Rooms, Sky Dome, Sky Light, Sky Tubes, Sky Tunnel, Solar Tube, Sun Pipe, Sun Tunnel

Sun light makes people happy, you have all heard of SAD (
Seasonal affective disorder)  so lack of natural light effects us all in more or less the same way.

In the winter months dark days and short daylight days will reduce light into the home even more, so a sky tube would be ideal to use what light their is to your advantage.

Seasonal mood swings are believed to be related to light. SAD can be a serious disorder and may require treatment. There is also potential risk of depression leading to suicide in some patients experiencing SAD. So lighten your home as much as possible and beat the dark times in your home.

velux sun pipe

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