Sky Tunnel – Sola Skylight’s Sky Tunnel utilises the highly reflective material

Posted on 23. Oct, 2007 by in Dark Bath Room, Dark Rooms, Sky Dome, Sky Light, Sky Tubes, Sky Tunnel, Solar Tube, Sun Pipe, Sun Tunnel

There’s a system called Sola Skylight’s Sky Tunnel, and claim to be the easiest, most affordable way to add elegance, style and value to your property.

They say they are the pioneers in the innovation of the skylight market, with all their easy-to-install products they are amongst the largest, lightest, and most manageable available today.

The Sky Tunnel’s design utilises the highly reflective material to reflect natural light without damaging the aesthetic quality of a house or other building. The design has a highly reflective inner surface that captures natural sunlight from all different angles and sends it into your rooms below, resulting in the room being flooded in beautiful natural light.

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